Driving Across the Country: Guide to Cross-Country Car Shipping

Cross-country car shipping

Are you planning a long-distance move and wondering how to get your car from one coast to the other? Cross-country car shipping may be the solution you’re looking for. This service allows you to transport your car long distances without having to drive it yourself.

A guide to cross-country car shipping

  1. Research car shipping companies: Not all car shipping companies offer cross-country services, so it’s important to do your research and find a company that meets your needs. Similar to Long Distance Driving Service, look for a company with a good reputation and experience with long-distance shipments.
  2. Compare quotes: Once you’ve narrowed down your options, get quotes from multiple companies to compare prices. Be sure to compare not only the price, but also the level of service and reputation of the company. Don’t be afraid to negotiate and ask for discounts, especially if you have a high-value car or are shipping during the off-season.
  3. Choose the right shipping option: There are several options for cross-country car shipping, including open transport, enclosed transport, and door-to-door shipping. Open transport is the most cost-effective option, but your car will be exposed to the elements during transport. Enclosed transport provides more protection for your car, but it’s generally more expensive. Door-to-door shipping is the most convenient option, as the car is picked up from your current location and delivered to your new location.
  4. Prepare your car for shipping: Before your car is shipped, it’s important to properly prepare it for transport. This includes removing all personal belongings, making sure the car is in good working condition, and filling the gas tank to about a quarter full. You should also take photos of the car before it’s shipped, in case any damage occurs during transport.
  5. Choose the right insurance: Be sure to choose the right insurance for your car during transport. Most car shipping companies offer insurance options, but it’s important to read the fine print and understand what is and isn’t covered. You may also want to consider purchasing additional insurance from your own car insurance company.
  6. Make arrangements for your arrival: Once your car has arrived at its destination, you’ll need to make arrangements for its pickup. If you’re using terminal-to-terminal shipping, you’ll need to pick up your car at the designated terminal. If you’re using door-to-door shipping, the car shipping company will deliver your car to your new location. Be sure to have your driver’s license, registration, and insurance documents with you when you pick up your car.

Cross-country car shipping can be a convenient and cost-effective way to transport your car long distances. By following these tips, you can ensure that your car arrives safely and efficiently at its new location.

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