Auto Driveaway

What Is Auto Driveaway

If you have been searching for terms like “get someone else to move my car,” you’re in the right place. Not only do we have people that can move your personal vehicle or moving truck, but we also have professionals with years of experience, driving all through the United States. At Long Distance Driving Service, we are the #1 choice for vehicle transportation, and when you work with us, it’s clear how we’ve earned that position.

Our convenient auto driveaway service puts our clients front and center of every aspect of what we do. Because our mission is to ensure stress-free transport for your vehicle and belongings, and we accomplish that mission in four transparent steps.

Your exact process may look slightly different, depending on your customizations. We may also be loading and unloading vehicles, transporting pets, and more. However, one thing remains constant for all of our clients. We reliably operate on your schedule, door-to-door, based on your needs.



After accepting our quote, and we have scheduled your vehicle’s pick-up date, Long Distance Driving Service will email you our agreement, which includes all of the information you need to understand the service. Should you have any adjustments you would like to make; you can easily do so before finalizing the agreement.



Following the completion of all agreement documentation, travel arrangements and itineraries can be finalized. Those details include flight information or delivery requirements customized to your needs.



It’s the day of your auto driveaway pick-up! Your driver will arrive at your door promptly, as scheduled. We will first conduct a safety inspection of your vehicle or moving truck; then, we will be on their way to your destination.



Your vehicle and belongings arrive as scheduled! If there is a remaining balance, that will be due and can be handed to your driver upon delivery.

Driveaway Auto

  • Snowbirds escaping the winter elements
  • Students heading back to their college campus
  • Individuals moving long-distance
  • Work relocation
  • Auto dealerships transporting cars
  • Bought and sold vehicle deliveries
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